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Guided Trekking Pros

-All pre-trip details handled (permits, fees, etc.)

-All transportation arranged (bus, plane, jeep, etc.)

-Little worry about any details while hiking (lodging, route, schedule, etc.)

-Guidance & safety while trekking at high altitude

-Local information on religion, culture, food, etc.

-Independent Trekking Pros

Can be much less expensive

-Hike on your own schedule

-More direct interaction with locals

-More choice on where to stay & eat (though guides usually know the best spots) No group dynamics to deal with, just you and the trail. GUIDES AND PORTERS Guides and porters are very common in Nepal (though not always mandatory) and prices are quite competitive. In general a guide will cost around $25-30 per day and a porter will cost around $20-22 per day. A guide will help with logistics, information, and safety on your trek. A porter will carry heavy gear, so you only have to hike with a small daypack. If you choose to trek with a guide, make sure they speak fluent English because they’ll be the point person on your hike. They’ll manage transportation, lodging, food, hiking schedule, routes, and safety on the trail. Your guide will also be a good source of information on local culture, customs, festivals, and norms. A good guide can be an extremely useful resource on the trail and they may even become a lifelong friend. Porters are also useful and very common along trails in Nepal. Porters have the job of carrying heavy gear, so you don’t have to. This is especially beneficial for older trekkers, novice trekkers, or groups with children. Just remember, even if you do decide to trek with a porter, it’s still very important to keep your gear weight to a minimum. Porters have an absolutely backbreaking job, so please don’t make it any harder on them. Also, make sure to tip your guide and porters well. A good tip is about 15% of the total you paid for their services. Hand the money directly to each person to ensure they get the full payment. Guides and porters have very tough jobs and they often get surprisingly little compensation for their work. Guide Recommendation Looking for a guide on your trip to Nepal? I highly recommend reaching out to our friend Ganesh in Kathmandu. Ganesh is truly an exceptional guide and you’ll love trekking with him if he’s not booked up. He’s knowledgeable, friendly, funny, and highly experienced. Here’s his contact info: adganesh77@gmail.com, ACE Vision Nepal,

copped from :- https://www.cleverhiker.com/blog/trekking-in-nepal-a-comprehensive-guide




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